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The Holiday Season Starts Now!

It is hard to believe but if you have not started to plan and market your event space for the upcoming holiday season you are behind. Yup, I know, it is 80 degrees out and sunny but you have to be play to win if you are going to be successful this holiday season.

I think I am on every restaurant’s mailing list across the country and I have already received over 20 e-mails about planning my holiday party. Fortunately, if you are a Tripleseat customer getting started with your marketing is easy. Here are some tips to get the word out.

  1. If you have ConstantContact already then you are ready to go. Simply turn on the integration within Tripleseat under settings and your contacts will automatically go to ConstantContact so you can start your e-mail marketing campaign
  2. If you use a different e-mail marketing tool then simply go to “Contacts” under REPORTS and export the contacts you want to Excel. Once in Excel you can create direct mail pieces with address’s (aren’t you happy you took the time to get the address now?) or upload the Excel spreadsheet to your favorite e-mail marketing tool.
  3. Make sure you include your¬†lead page link¬†on your e-mails so people have a landing page to submit their details for their event. Don’t make people hunt down the link, make it easy
  4. Go to your Tripleseat listing on Tripleseat.com and make sure your info is correct and you have added pictures and content to your listing. Sell yourself. Make it awesome.
  5. Hit your Facebook fans and let your fans know they can book on your Facebook page with the Tripleseat Facebook App.
  6. Kick it old school and look up ALL your past bookings from September thru December. By ALL I mean, even the ones that did not book with you. Give them a call and invite them to book with you now before time runs out.

Leverage your database now and get the leg up on your competitor. Remember, the first one in..wins!

  • Arthur

    Going thru past bookings and lost pieces of business are key, especially the lost pieces of business. Maybe you have availability; maybe they have different price point; whatever it is, you have to check.

  • Cristina

    Personal phone calls and drop offs of current clients help a lot too. Email blasts of all businesses you worked with this year is awesome too.

  • Kelly Griffin

    I go through business in the middle of the year that knows our product and might have a holiday party interest.

  • Nicole

    Following up on Lost business is key as well as e-mail blasts and a holiday incentive!

  • Joscelyn

    Personal visits to both repeat and lost business works wonders!

  • Amanda Obermeyer

    Going through business from 2 years ago and send them an email blast with our new menus.

  • Amanda Obermeyer

    Going through business from 2 years ago and send them an email blast with our new menus.

  • Cesar Hinojosa

    Emailing everyone that has had an event from the past year with current menus and availability!

  • danielle

    Great ideas… and makes it easier to email contacts

  • definitely following up with repeat customers is our best bet, as well as tons of social media. we tend to get a young crowd so instagram and Facebook work wonders for us