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Tripleseat Banquet Event Order Samples

One of the most time-consuming, painful, and annoying parts of planning and managing events is the paperwork between you and the customer, the floor staff, the kitchen staff, etc. The paperwork ranges all the way from Banquet Event Orders (BEOs) and Menus all the way to Contracts and Final Invoices.

Creating BEO’s, invoices, and contracts by hand sucks.

Tripleseat makes creating documents FAST and EASY!

With Tripleseat, we’ve made managing and creating all of these documents incredibly easy. In fact, it allows you to create all of your event-related documents in less than a minute. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it pains us to see restaurant operators and event planners still doing it all by hand.

Read more about how Tripleseat creates and manages documents.

Sample BEO’s created by Tripleseat

Looking for Free BEO Templates? Click here to view our gallery.


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