Category: Features and Updates

  • Payment System Revamp

    We recently released an update to simplify and improve our payment system. Changes to what was the “Amount Due” Payment We removed the automatic creation and updating of what was the “Amount Due” payment when a document with a balance is added to an event. Instead, a button is displayed at the bottom of the […]

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  • I Bet You Didn't Know…..

    Tripleseat has so many useful and cutting edge features it can be hard to keep track of everything the web application does. Check out this list of awesome features designed to make your life easier and to book more event business: Print All Your BEO (Banquet Event Orders) At Once-Yup, you can download to a […]

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  • New Update-Attachments to Discussions and More

      Fast on the heels of our recent release of the Guest Portal in February we have just released and rolled out Attachements for Discussions. Attachments was one of our biggest requests and we have delivered! With this update you can attach any documents, like floor plans or menus or pictures to any Discussion in the Event […]

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  • Tripleseat Product Development News

    There are some super exciting product updates coming to Tripleseat. While our competitors copy us and struggle to catch up, we are pushing the envelope with our Product Development and making Tripleseat even better. We are close to having the entire product redesigned and ready to roll out. This re-design will enable us to add more […]

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  • Download Multiple Documents Update

    Well, we have done it again. A new update that allows you to download one or many documents like BEO (Banquet Event Orders), Contracts, Chef Sheets, Proposals etc. over a defined time period across all Bookings. We have made it super simple to download all the Docs and their related views and to print them all […]

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  • Integration to MailChimp

    We are happy to announce our new integration to MailChimp. Mailchimp is a popular email marketing service that is very similar to ConstantContact. With the Mailchimp integration your Tripleseat Contacts will automatically be synced to MailChimp. The sync between Tripleseat and Mailchimp happens once a day and is one direction, sending MailChimp your Tripleseat Contact First […]

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  • Take A Deeper Look At The Tripleseat Customer Portal

    Tripleseat is the only Event Management Software company that provides an online Customer Portal to all our venue’s prospects and customers. The Customer Portal is a website that is automatically generated by Tripleseat where our customers provide a web page for their customers to view and communicate about their Leads, Bookings, Event Orders, Contracts and […]

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  • Tripleseat Upgrade: A new way to generate Price per Person

    Today we upgraded our Billing Widget with the ability to generate price per person figures on a per-category basis. Previously, if you wanted to generate price per person off of your Food & Beverage cost, there was no way to exclude certain categories (i.e., audio video, bar costs, packages, etc.).  Now, this is a possibility. […]

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  • Tripleseat Upgrade: Easily Copy Documents

    Today we’ve released another frequently requested feature: the ability to quickly and easily copy documents (BEO’s, contracts, menus, etc.). The process is very straight forward and gives you the option of copying documents on the same booking (for revisions, draft copies, etc.) or copying documents from a separate booking. How to make Copies of a […]

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