Love Tripleseat. Can’t imagine restaurant life without it.

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Tripleseat has given us the ability to give the correct information to guests on the spot. We're not always at our desks but if someone walks in asking about availability, we have the calendar on our phones and can answer right then. If someone on our team goes out of town, no problem. The conversation log in Tripleseat keeps all members of the team in the know and able to respond to guests in anyone's absence.

Erin Juache Lettuce Entertain You

What I love about Tripleseat is that it's so easy to use and is extremely efficient. Our new assistant was able to learn the system within a half hour. We didn't have to spend any time handholding with new staff to teach the tools.

Lisa Flores Columbus Hospitality Group

Tripleseat has completely revolutionized how we plan events. We were a brand new event venue that worked with very rudimentary tools for a year and a half before finding Tripleseat. This is such a great asset to our business. Not only does it allow me to keep track of contracts and payments all in one place, but it makes it easier for me to keep the rest of my team informed about what's going on in the venue.

Carlen Funk Monday Night Brewing

With such a massive event venue at our fingertips and only 2 people on our events staff, Tripleseat has helped us communicate with our banquet staff, managerial staff and one another with no issue at all. Being able to have every detail of any specific event at our fingertips is extremely helpful. Without Tripleseat, we would definitely be lost!!

Molly Kerr Coppersmith

I book up to 400 events a year. Prior to tripleseat, I was doing all contracts manually. I got to a point where I was too buried to take on any more business. I’m more efficient than ever with Tripleseat. I can book and event in less than 5 minutes and have all 6 docs ready the client. It has been a savior and increased my productivity and sales efforts each year! There are now copy cats that try and get me to switch over and there is no way we are ever leaving the Tripleseat family!!!

Patrick Bryant Michael Corrigan Restaurant Group

I love the ease of entering leads, the option for notes internal and guest seen, and leads that are brought by Tripleseat!

Krista Marotz Di Pescara


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